The purpose of the meditation below is to teach our Loreto family to discern on the day and to identify the good and bad. In today's "hustle and bustle" we seldom quieten down and make time for ourselves.

Each school day from 11:30 - 11:40 the entire school (learners, teachers, admin staff and support staff) stop, quieten down and do the following Examen.

Remember all the things that have happened to you today for which you are grateful,

What made you happy?

What left you feeling at peace?

What filled you with love?

Was there anything which, although it was painful or hard, still felt good deep down? 

Were you aware of God at anytime through the day?

Give thanks to God for these experiences 

Now remember anything, for which you are not grateful,

What left you feeling down?

Feeling angry, feeling frustrated?

Feeling lost or upset?

Feeling unloving…

Bring these memories before God

and ask God to hold you as you remember them.

To comfort you, and heal the memories. 

Finally ask God for what you need for tomorrow.