Principal's Message


“The secret of success is doing your ordinary work exceptionally well.”

                                                                - John D. Rockafeller

A school may have the best educators, the best facilities and the best results, but if we do not care about our community and the well-being of those least favoured in life, then there is something amiss. I am fully aware that our school, with the help of our staff, children and parents do a lot for many of the less fortunate. But do we do enough? I refer to not only those that are part of our outreach programme, but more importantly those around us, our families, friends and neighbours.

Sadly, many of our schools have become playgrounds for bullying in all forms, physical, emotional and cyber. Violence in many schools has become the order of the day.

One may even suggest that globalisation combined with materialism and self-gratification have contributed to the erosion of our value system, often resulting in the importance of the individual rather than the collective. We need to remember that when there is no good, something not good will fill its place.

Catholic Education views parents as having the primary responsibility for educating our children. We see children acting out what they have learnt at home, at school every day. Often what we experience is pleasing, but at times what we experience can also be very disturbing. We tend to constantly remind learners of basic social skills, saying please, thank you and greeting others. We need to do the ordinary things well.

As examples to our children, we as educators and parents need to be role models, working as a committed team. Children remember what we say and model that behaviour as their own. Ubuntu no longer seems to be a priority. Self-indulgence and success, no matter how it is achieved, seems to be the norm.

On a more positive note, 2017 has been a remarkable year. Academically, culturally, extramurally and the manner in which we serve our community has been commendable. Our foundress, Venerable Mary Ward has taught us to do good quietly and become agents of social change. Through our outreach programme many communities have benefited from our generous donations of food, clothing, stationery and most importantly, our time.

In our 2002 Loreto (IBVM) Kolkata Educational Guidelines one of the key challenges is " How do we make global networking our reality?" Loreto School Queenswood certainly took up this challenge during 2017.

After two years of planning, we hosted the Loreto Schools' International Education Conference. 64 delegates attended the conference representing Australia, Canada, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Nepal, Mauritius, Peru, Romania, South Africa, Sudan, Spain, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The conference will be remembered as an historic occasion, when Loreto (IBVM) and the congregation of Jesus (CJ) schools "crossed boundaries and became one network with one vision, and when new guidelines were produced for our schools" (Noelle Corscadden IBVM Institute Leader).

The Loreto School Queenswood Senior Choir also experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity when visiting Gunsburg, in Germany. Marlies and Erich Fock who visited our school in September 2015 and heard our Senior Choir sing at the Catholic Schools' Music Festival, were impressed with the choir thet they suggested that they visit Gunsburg, in Germany. E-mails and whatsapp messages were exchanged and 2 years later, their suggestion became reality.

Words cannot describe what a hit our Senior Choir proved to be in Gunsburg. Standing ovations, newspaper articles and posters were visible everywhere. many friends were made and the networking between Maria Ward Gymnasium Grammer School and Loreto School Queenswood has begun in earnest. It is hoped, that in the near future, Loreto School Queenswood will be able to reciprocate and welcome Maria Ward Gymnasium  to South Africa. The tour, I am sure , will remain in our learners' memories for many years to come.

Our school is privileged to have educators who go the extra mile. Who lead with confidence and commitment, nurturing our children to become independent thinkers, making a difference to the world they live in.

Thanks to you, the Loreto team - parents, educators, administrators, support staff, Loreto sisters and the Board of Governors for all your hard work and commitment to our school and our Mary Ward Charism. We have said farewell to Mrs Van den Berg, Ms Botha, Mrs Booysen and Mrs Blake. We know that you have taken something special from Loreto School Queenswood with you. We wish you all well in your new ventures.

To conclude, I wish you, our children and the Loreto Family a blessed festive season and i Challenge you to believe in the endless possibilities open to you, to give the very best you have to offer and to shine in all that you do. 

Ad Majorem Dei Gloria

To The Greater Glory of God

“Where there is peace and meditation there is neither anxiety nor doubt”

-Saint Francis of Assisi

Marcello Pallozzi