We accept potty trained learners from Grade 000 (3 turning 4), Grade 00 (4 turning 5) and Grade R (5 turning 6) with a maximum of 16 learners in Grade 000, 20 learners in Grade 00 and 26 learners in each Grade R class, in a modern facility with beautiful surroundings and finger print access to the Preschool gate for security purposes.

Note that our Preschoolers do not come to school in uniform, we suggest your child dresses comfortably in clothes that are not too special, as we encourage them to explore and discover their surroundings without feeling inhibited - and they are definitely not encouraged to stay clean although we do provide aprons for planned messy activities. Children explore and learn by exploring their world physically. PLEASE do not scold them for being dirty when you fetch them - a clean child has learnt very little. 

All our staff are qualified, loving professionals that care for children. All are specialised in Early Childhood Development.

We follow the National CAPS curriculum.

Included in our fees is a wholesome cooked lunch enjoyed at 12:00, a mid afternoon snack at 15:00, learn-to-swim programme , a perceptual programme on horse riding, weekly class music lessons, art, ball games and aftercare. Grade R learners may also choose to attend mini soccer and mini cricket.

No breakfast is served at school. Parents are to ensure that their child enjoys a healthy breakfast before school and that a packed snack which is enjoyed at 08:45 is sent to school each day with their child. Please keep snacks healthy no sweets, fizzy drinks, chips, cakes and treats are allowed.

A healthy snack could consist of one or more of the following:

  • Sandwich on whole - wheat or Low GI brown bread
  • Fresh fruit / nuts and raisins / dried fruit
  • Fruit juice / milk / water
  • Vegetable sticks like carrots or cucumber

A variety of private extra-murals such as Ballet, Play Golf, Miki Maths, Drama and Karate are available at an extra fee.

Our hours are from 07:00 to 17:30 with formal schooling from 08:00 to 13:30

Our Pre-Primary section consists of one Gr 000 (turning 4 year old),
                                                  one Gr 00 (5 year old) and
                                                  two Gr R (reception year)

The educators at each level provide a stimulating environment for every learner and emphasis is placed on ensuring that all children spend a busy, happy and exciting day at school.

All classrooms are well-equipped and learning activities focus on central themes.

Daily planning provides cognitive experiences for everyone, so the activities are varied and challenging and each individual acquires essential problem-solving skills and has the opportunity to further develop intellectually, physically and socially.

Literacy, Numeracy and Life skills are nurtured through creative activities, Bible knowledge, music, developmental play and even free play with peers, both indoors and outdoors.
In the Junior and Middle phases there is an emphasis on practical experiences, which assist holistic development.

At Grade R level the same practical opportunities are presented, but reading and number concepts are reinforced in a more formal manner too.

At Loreto School Queenswood, the transition from Grade R to Grade 1 is an easy one, as the surroundings are familiar and the educators are also well-known.

Basic reading and mathematical skills are well-founded and the Foundation Phase staff comment that our own Grade R learners are as well, if not better prepared, than those from other schools.